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Compliment your existing team by setting an open innovation challenge to drive your organisation’s strategic development

The Simply Do Ideas platform can link you to a pool of knowledge and expertise ready to solve your organisational challenges, for minimal cost. Complimenting your existing team, open innovation will harness creative thinking to drive your organisation’s strategic development, transforming how industry and academia work together. Organisations benefit greatly from access to academia, alongside strategic and creative problem solving.

Our agile framework, one which has been rigorously tested academically and included in the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework as best practice for entrepreneurial learning, has also notably been highlighted as best practice at the ISBE 2016 Conference in Paris, and includes one-to-one instant messaging, group discussions and customisable announcements to help you effectively communicate to problem solvers 24/7.

Our platform is commonly used to solve challenges such as customer or supplier experience, delivery and development of new products and services, driving marketing campaigns and sales processes, lets see what it can do for you.

  • Free help and supportWe have lots of videos, guides, and other resources to help get you started.
  • Proven & structured processSimply Do Ideas' idea-development process is the result of strong experience and research.
  • High availabilitySimply Do Ideas is available 24/7, and is optimised for desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers.
  • Progress trackingEasily check-up on how your users are progressing with their ideas.
  • Custom styling & brandingWant to use your own logo and colour scheme? No problem.
  • Always up-to-dateLicence-holders always receive the very latest updates and features.
  • Refer to external partnersAt the click of a button you can refer your users to an external partner for additional guidance and support.
  • SecureWe're backed by AWS and user data is always stored securely within the EU. We have Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification and always use SSL where we can.
Simply Do Ideas is the perfect platform for our team to capture and assess their innovative ideas in an engaging but structured way.Lesley Kirkpatrick

Lesley Kirkpatrick,

Being a creative person, I found that the platform was visually presented and split up in a way that allowed me to work in a more dynamic way than a traditional business plan.Jenny Evans

Jenny Evans,
Jenny Evans Design (startup)

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